Public Safety

Fire protection service

The Council of the Beaubassin-est Rural Community is now responsible for the operation and management of the Beaubassin-est Fire Department. Gaetan LeBlanc is the Fire Chief of the brigade, while the Deputy Chief is Serge LeBlanc. The Fire Hall is located at 922 Route 933 in Haute-Aboujagane. For more information, you can call the administrative line at 532-5628 or send an email at
Active Firemen at the Beaubassin-est Fire Department:
Gaétan LeBlanc, Fire Chief
Serge LeBlanc, Deputy Chief
Philippe LeBlanc, Captain
Stéphane LeBlanc, Captain
Dennis Metcalfe, Captain
Ryan Richard, Fire Prevention Officer
Sébastien Arsenault
Serge Bisson
François Boisvert
Jean-Marc Boudreau
Ghislain Donelle
Pierre Gallant
Charles Gautreau
Pierre Gautreau
Samuel Hebert
Denis LeBlanc
Jamie LeBlanc
Francine Léger
Remi Léger
Gary Metcalfe
Lisa Metcalfe
Jacques Ouellette
Marc-André Richard
Martin Richard
Mark Ripley


Emergency Measures Plan

The Beaubassin-est Rural Community adopted its Emergency Measures Plan on May 16th, 2011. This action plan has been developed in collaboration with the Provincial Emergency Measures Organization to define responsibilities and immediate actions to be taken by individuals, community services and volunteer organizations in the event of an emergency, to deal with an emergency or to provide coordinated assistance to municipalities nearby.
An Emergency Measures Committee was established by the Council and is composed of people from the community who have the required expertise to ensure the effective coordination of efforts related to the emergency, as well as to ensure the implementation of the plan as needed.
Are you prepared for an Emergency?

Spring flooding, severe storms, and earthquakes remind us of the importance of emergency preparedness. We encourage everyone to be ready to cope on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency, by following three simple steps:


Know the risks - Learn how to prepare for the natural hazards in Canada and in your region. Tailor your emergency plan and kit to the common risks in your area.


Make an emergency plan - Having an emergency plan will save time and make real situations less stressful. Draft or update your plan, and practice it with your family.


Get an emergency kit - In case of a major event, you will need some basic supplies set aside. Many emergency kit items may already be in your home. Take the time to update or assemble a basic emergency kit that meets your needs.


For more information on preparing for an emergency, you can visit the following Web Site: You can also contact the Beaubassin-est office at 532-0730.



Neighborhood Watch

Do you want to make your community a safer place? You can play an important role in your community’s well being without doing much work! Become a part of our Neighborhood watch program…

What is Neighborhood watch?
Neighborhood watch is a program aimed at reducing crime in the community. It involves supervision between neighbors during periods where burglaries are likely to produce. It is possible that a policeman patrolling your neighborhood may not notice a stranger in your yard while your neighbors could! 

How does it work? 
The program works on the principle of mutual aid, neighbors watching out for their neighbors.  Your neighbors know you and know what type of car you drive.  They are therefore in measure to recognize in first a burglar to your window or your door.  Neighbors are well placed to see houses situated on each side, in front and in back of their own.

Why join? 
Everyone wins when we join Neighborhood watch in our neighborhood.  The Neighborhood watch program is aimed to reduce crime in the community while getting neighbors to watch for each other. While working together and with the RCMP services, the Neighborhood watch program can help prevent crime. 

How to begin this new chapter? 
If crime in your neighborhood preoccupies you and you would like to apply the Neighborhood watch program in your community, the first step would be to contact us at 506-532-0730 so we can provide you with all the details.

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