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PUBLIC NOTICE - modification to By-Law 09-1FF

(Under section 59 of the Community Planning Act)

The Beaubassin-est Council intends to amend a resolution under section 59(3) of the Community Planning Act. The proposed change is as follows:

Motion to amend condition "l", established by the resolution found in Appendix "A" of By-Law 09-1FF, to extend the deadline for the commencement of the campground project located on the PIDs 00861443, 70269758, 70269766, 70269774, and 70269782, Euclide Leger Road, by two years.

By-Law 09-1FF may be consulted by any interested person, at the Beaubassin-est Town Hall office between 8 am and 4 pm, or at the Southeast Regional Service Commission office located at 815A Bombardier Street in Shediac, NB, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm during business days (please note that office is closed from noon to 1 pm).

Objections and / or comments to the amendment, submitted in writing, will be considered at a public hearing to be held in the Beaubassin-est Council Public Meeting Room in Grand-Barachois, NB, on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 7 pm. Anyone who wishes to defend his objections or oppose it may do so at this meeting. Written objections must be addressed to the Beaubassin-est Rural Community Council, in the care of Yves M. Leger, C.P. 2002, 1709 Route 133, Grand-Barachois, NB, E4P 8V1.


Yves M. Leger

Acting Clerk

Phone: 532-0730

Fax: 532-0735



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