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Discussion group sessions with Eco Vision 2025

Eco Vision 2025 is organizing discussion group sessions for the following dates and times:
-          Tuesday, February 27th, at 7 pm at the Shediac Multipurpose Centre, Room E - Energy efficiency and renewable energy, invited resource people: Hector Doiron and Eric Tusz-King.
-          Thursday, March 8th, at 6 pm at the Shediac Multipurpose Centre, Room A - Water quality indicators in freshwater and ocean environment, invited resource people: Dr. Alyre Chiasson, UdeM, and Rémi Donelle, SBWA.
-          Saturday, March 10th, at 6 pm at the Municipal building of the Rural Community of Beaubassin-est - Sea level rise and its impacts on the coast, invited resource people: Rob Capozi, DELG, Réal Daigle, R J Daigle Enviro, and Julie Cormier, Vision H2O.
-          Monday, March 12th, at 7 pm at the Shediac Multipurpose Centre, Room D - Wetlands and natural ecosystems, their role and protection, invited resource people: Adam Campbell, DU, Adam Cheeseman, Nature NB, and Denise Roy, NCC.
The session format will include short presentations, question and answer period, and a facilitated discussion on possible actions. Please RSVP by email. For more information: www.ecovision2025.wordpress.com or ecovision2025@gmail.com
Eco Vision 2025 (https://ecovision2025.wordpress.com) will identify practical actions for all sectors within the region of Shediac, Cap-Pelé and the Rural Community of Beaubassin-est to reduce negative environmental impacts, and to improve or maintain a healthy environment. It will outline short-, medium-, and long-term actions, prioritize those actions, and assign lead agencies and/or organizations. To date we have collected and compiled a list of concerns brought forward, and the actions proposed so far: https://ecovision2025.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/concerns-actions-preoccupations-et-actions/
Charline Landry
Acting CAO
Beaubassin-est Rural Community
Phone: (506) 532-0730
Fax: (506) 532-0735
Email: charline.landry@beaubassinest.ca
(Friday, February 23rd, 2018)
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Chicken, Turkey and Lobster Bingo

December 14, 2018
Saint-André-LeBlanc Centre

Chicken, Turkey and Lobster Bingo

December 28, 2018
Saint-André-LeBlanc Centre

Community Breakfast

December 30, 2018
Saint-André-LeBlanc Centre
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