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Be ready for winter storms

The Council of the Rural Community of Beaubassin-est is asking the population to be vigilant and to prepare themselves to face bad weather conditions during winter. People must make sure they have everything they need to be able to support themselves for 72 hours in the event of a prolonged power failure.
In order to prepare yourself as best as possible so that you can fend for yourself for at least 72 hours, it is recommended to have the following basic tools and supplies: flashlight and new batteries, solar battery or hand crank, house phone plugged directly to the wall, cell and vehicle charger, signal flare, whistle or horn, candles, matches or lighters, basic tool kit (knife, pliers, screwdriver, tape, wrench, hammer), small shovel , large canvas and rope, paper and pens, blankets, fire extinguisher, cash, clothes and spare shoes.
You will need non-perishable and ready-to-eat foods and a manual can opener, as well as bottled water, around three liters per person per day. It is good to have disposable plates, glasses and utensils. For residences with children and babies, you need baby milk and baby bottles, diapers and wet wipes and their medicines. Finally plan a supply of food and equipment for pets for a week.
In terms of hygiene items, you need to have two buckets of water and fill the water bath, have toilet paper, all-purpose soap, bleach and hand sanitizer and resealable plastic bags. It is advisable to have essential medications for at least a week and a copy of the prescription, a cooler and ice packs to keep the required medications cold, a first aid kit with bandages and alcohol swabs, and it is important to refuel vehicles.
The following are tips for preparing for and dealing with a power outage:
-          dress warmly, keep doors and windows closed;
-          avoid opening the refrigerator or freezer to save the food;
-          ensure that any back-up heating unit is properly vented, and in good working order;
-          while power is out, turn down the electric heat, unplug portable heaters and major appliances such as stoves, washers and dryers;
-          when power has been restored, use it sparingly during the first few hours to prevent further outages.
Residents should always check road conditions before travelling, and stay off the roads if possible. The first priority is public safety and various agencies will conduct emergency operations if necessary.
For more information on preparing for an emergency, you can visit the following Web Site: www.GetPrepared.ca. In case of an emergency, dial 911. Here are other contact details that may be useful in case of emergency: Tele-Care 8-1-1, Traffic Conditions 5-1-1, Emergency Measures Organization 1-800-561-4034, NB Power 1-800-663-6272 or www.nbpower.com, Environmental Emergencies 1-800-565-1633, Aeronautical and Marine Search and Rescue 1-800-565-1582.
To find out if a warming center is open or for any other information, contact the Canadian Red Cross at 1-800-222-9597 or locally at 1-506-532-1133 or visit www.redcross.ca. For more information or for non-urgent assistance, please contact the Beaubassin-est Rural Community at 532-0730.
Carole Friolet-Landry
Acting Assistant CAO
Beaubassin-est Rural Community
Phone: (506) 532-0730
Fax: (506) 532-0735
Email: carole.landry@beaubassinest.ca
Web Site: www.beaubassinest.ca
(Monday, January 22nd, 2018)
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