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Beaubassin-est adopts its 2018 budget

The council of the Rural Community of Beaubassin-est has adopted a total budget of $ 2,214,621 for the year 2018. The council has decided that the sum of $ 2,076,895.10 will be the total mandate of Beaubassin-est and that the taxation rate will be $ 0.3035 for each $ 100 of assessment.
"We have to make investments because we want to carry out certain projects for the development of Beaubassin-est," explains Mayor Ronnie Duguay. The municipality's tax base is $ 619,852,025.
Achievements in 2017
In 2017, one of the main projects for Beaubassin-est was the adoption of the Strategic Plan. "This plan has been developed through the participation and involvement of the population and the various stakeholders in the community, and will guide the council's actions over the next five years," said Mayor Ronnie Duguay. "For the Gas Tax Fund projects, we began the construction of the hiking trail in Grand-Barachois and worked on the planning of a project in the Haute-Aboujagane Ward."
"And just recently, we received a $ 105,000 investment from the Regional Development Corporation to mark Canada's 150th birthday and the money was used to install a new sign at the municipal building and small signs at the playgrounds at the Shemogue Golden Age Club, the Saint-André-LeBlanc Center and the Cormier-Village Cultural and Sports Center, as well as the Boudreau-Ouest bird watching site,” says Mayor Duguay.
"And also, in 2017, we finalized Beaubassin-est's 10th anniversary celebrations with the presentation of the play Beaubassin-est, 10 years of community and we began a collaboration with the BCS Trio Tree of Hope Committee, with the organization of the 1st Mayors’ Supper which was very successful."
Priorities for 2018
And the council of Beaubassin-est has several projects for the year 2018. "We will start by hiring a Chief Administrative Officer and restructure the staff, in order to allow us to carry out all our projects", adds the Mayor who insists that every effort will be made to ensure public safety, which explains the installation of a generator at the fire station, in addition to other investments for the Fire Department.
"Next, we will have to proceed with the implementation of the Strategic Plan, in addition to continuing the development and implementation of our Cultural Plan. We also want to evaluate our branding and promotional tools, in addition to reviewing the Rural Plan and the By-Laws and Administrative Policies, to ensure the best operation of the municipality.
You will find all the details of the 2018 budget on the municipality's website, www.beaubassinest.ca, under the "Our Municipality" tab.
Members of the Beaubassin-est Council, from left to right, front row: Omer Léger, Councilor for Ward 1 (Botsford), Michelle Gallant-Richards, Councilor for Ward 3 (Grand-Barachois), Ronnie Duguay, Mayor, Susan Cormier, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Ward 6 (Cormier-Village), and André Bourque, Councilor for Ward 3 (Grand-Barachois); back row: Sophie M. Landry, Councilor for Ward 4 (Boudreau-Ouest), Terry Richard, Councilor for Ward 2 (Saint-André-LeBlanc), Gaétan LeBlanc, Councilor for Ward 5 (Haute-Aboujagane), Josée Vautour, Councilor for Ward 1 (Botsford), and Michel E. Gaudet, Councilor for Ward 3 (Grand-Barachois).
Charline Landry
Acting CAO
Beaubassin-est Rural Community
Phone: (506) 532-0730
Fax: (506) 532-0735
Email: charline.landry@beaubassinest.ca
(Tuesday, December 19th, 2017)
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