Strategic Plannning
“The Beaubassin-est Rural Community is a vibrant community with rural appeal distinguished by its strategic sustainable development, the protection of our natural landscape and the people who live there, and an existing sense of community.”
For and by the community
We are indebted to the citizens of our community and our projects and programs meet their interests and needs. Furthermore, our initiatives are designed with the help of our citizens as well as the community organizations within Beaubassin-est.
We will ensure constant communication regarding our activities to all citizens in our community.

We are accountable to the citizens of our community regarding any decisions and programs we develop.
Inclusion / belonging - commitment to communities, to Beaubassin-est and during immigration
We promote a sense of belonging to Beaubassin-est while embracing the commitment of our citizens to their individual communities. In addition, we make the necessary efforts to attract and integrate new residents into our community.
Quality services
We strive to provide quality services necessary for the well-being of our community and to answer to the needs of the population, all while maintaining a reasonable level of taxation.
Quality of life
The quality of life enjoyed by residents of Beaubassin-est is dear to us and we strive to maintain the benefits of the rural appeal of our community.
Sustainable Development
Our decisions and activities will encourage economic and social development that respects the environment.
We strive for organizational effectiveness in all stages of developing our activities and to maximize our results by deploying fewer resources as possible.
A Green Strategy for Cap-Pelé and Beaubassin-est
The Green Strategy is a plan for activities related to conserving the environment in our community such as recycling, protecting the dunes, etc. Many activities are planned for the upcoming year with local partners which will all be coordinated by Vision H20, a well established local environmental group.
If you would like to participate in its activities, contact us by phone at 532-0730 or by email at .
For more information about Vision H20, go to .

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Beaubassin-est Regular Meeting

December 18, 2017

Tai Chi

November 21, 2017
Centre of Cormier-Village

Tai Chi

November 28, 2017
Centre of Cormier-Village
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