2017 Beaubassin-est Merit Awards

Awards of Excellence were presented to residents of Beaubassin-est who stand out for their accomplishments in the community during the Summer Party on Thursday, July 27th, 2017. Council members wish to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of these individuals who contribute to the well-being of the entire population.
The Award for Excellence in the Arts and Culture was presented to Diane Richard of Grand-Barachois, to highlight her involvement in the cultural world of Beaubassin-est. In addition to being a member of Beaubassin-est's Cultural Development Committee, this former Radio-Beauséjour host has always worked on the cultural scene in the region. Over the years, she has also written and directed several plays with the troupe Les Voiles aux Vents, the last of which, "Beaubassin-est, 10 years of community", has highlighted key people and events of our rural community. It goes without saying that people have enjoyed this show, which has been presented twice at the Barachois Historical Church in recent weeks.
The Award for Excellence in Business was awarded to the daycare “Au Pays des Merveilles” in Grand-Barachois, which provides an essential service in our community. Lise Cormier is the owner and director of this local company which employs 6 people. She has 28 years of experience with children and is very proud of her daycare that has been in business for 19 years. The goal of this daycare program is to provide children with enriching experiences that stimulate their curiosity, initiative, creativity, independence, and ability to communicate and share, all through play. The child care service has 75 spaces for children aged 0 to 12 years, including full-time as well as pre-school and after-school care.
The Award for Excellence in the Community Leadership category was presented to Gilles Cormier of Saint-André-LeBlanc, an ambassador for Beaubassin-est. In addition to being a self-employed construction estimator and consultant, he is very active in the community as well as on social media to promote our beautiful community in a very positive way. He and his wife, Lise Cormier, volunteer at the Saint-André-LeBlanc Center where they organize numerous activities for the people of their community. He is an active member of the Cycling Club and since 2012 he sits on the Education Council of the District scolaire francophone Sud as a representative of subdistrict 4 for the school community of Shediac. This entrepreneur also served on the Beaubassin-est Council from 2004 until 2015, first on the advisory committee, and since 2006 after incorporation, as a Councillor for Ward 2 in Saint-André-LeBlanc.
The Award of Excellence in the Volunteer Services category was awarded to the Grand-Barachois Hall Volunteer Group, about 40 people who devote 12 months a year to our community. This group gives about 4000 hours of volunteering per year and more than 70% of the group has done it for at least 10 years. They get involved in the monthly breakfast and take care of the outdoor skating rink during the winter. On two occasions in 2014 and once this year, volunteers opened the Hall as a reception center during power outages. They also perform acts of charity for the people in the community who are in distress and participate each year in the preparation and delivery of the boxes at the Vestiaire St-Joseph during the Christmas season. There is also an exchange of plants at the May breakfast, and the volunteers participate to allow all the events taking place at Grand-Barachois Hall such as parties, birthday celebrations, family celebrations, fundraisers and other.
The Award of Excellence in the Sports, Recreation and Active Living category was presented to Danie Halloran of Trois-Ruisseaux, daughter of Ryan and Maryse Halloran. Danie was part of the New Brunswick ringette team that won the gold medal in the Under 16 Division at the Canadian Ringette Championships in April 2017. This is an exceptional result as it was only the second time in 39 years of history of the championship that New Brunswick won the gold medal in that division. Danie performed remarkably well throughout the championship and even managed to score a goal in the final game. She is an example of excellence for our community and will certainly be successful in all of her future endeavors.
The Beaubassin-est Youth Award was awarded to Rémi, 11, and Janie 9, the children of Daniel and Anise Ouellette of Haute-Aboujagane. These two young people are authors of a book that raises awareness about 3M Syndrome. The French version, "Deux jeunes de petite taille… tout est possible" was launched in 2015 and the English version, "Everything is possible ... the story of two little people" was launched in 2016. They wrote this book to explain their condition and they also made a presentation at their school to explain why they are different. Despite their small size, they are very active and accomplish great things.
Janie recently participated in the National baton twirling Championships in Saint John and has had an incredible experience with her team in addition to winning two silver medals and a bronze medal. To go to this competition, she had to work harder than her teammates, but she never let go. She has been with the Club Baton Atlantik in Moncton for four years now and she loves it. His friends admire his courage and determination.
Rémi also had an eventful year. He was successful at the paralympic competitions at the Acadian Games Final, a second place in the shot put and a first place in the 100 meters. And Rémi is also one of the finalists of the national program Young Citizens with his video on the Canadian flag. Rémi made this video for his heritage project and people were able to vote online until July 7th. 50% of the note that Rémi will receive will come from the jury and the other 50% was the votes! The winners will be contacted by mid-August and they will win a trip to Ottawa to participate in the Canada History Youth Forum in the fall.
The Council awarded the Community Pioneer Recognition Award to Germaine Melanson of Saint-André-LeBlanc, a heartfelt volunteer who offers her services for a multitude of charitable causes, always with a joy of life and a beautiful smile. For several years, she has been involved in a community theater troupe offering performances for parish and community projects. In addition to her volunteer hours at the Saint-André-LeBlanc Center, she can be found at the Saint-Vincent de Paul Vestiaire, the Entraide Committee and the Legion of Mary for the parish Ste-Thérèse d’Avila and the parish of Saint-Timothée. In addition, Germaine offers her services for entertainment activities for the elderly at the Castel des Flots Bleus and she is a member of the Donat-Robichaud school's luncheon team. But she does not stop at the service of her community only, she also offers services for the Tree of Hope, House of Nazareth and the Beauséjour Family Crisis Resource Center. She is a citizen committed to her community and the type of person who represents the generosity and compassion of the people of Beaubassin-est.
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