Message from the Mayor
I would like to say that I am honored that you have elected me as mayor of Beaubassin-est for the next 4 years. I want to especially thank my wife, Carmelle, and all my family for supporting me during the campaign, but mostly the voters who trusted me to lead the council. I can assure you that all council members will take their role seriously to continue to grow our beautiful community.
We will do our utmost so that all residents of Beaubassin-est are well served. The council will work as a team with the staff to continue the projects already started, while following the already adopted regulations and procedures, and make necessary changes. We want to listen to the population to better represent you, and we want to know what you want as projects in Beaubassin-est.
As council, we will start by having training and familiarize ourselves with the rural community business. We would love to have feedback from the population, feel free to share your ideas.
And finally I want to say thank you to all members of the new council for your commitment and I wish you a good mandate.
Ronnie Duguay, Mayor of Beaubassin-est 
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Vente de débarras

du 28 June au 25 August 2018
Club d'âge d'or de Shemogue

Special Garbage Collections

du 13 au 17 August 2018

L'Grand bazar-à-choix

August 18, 2018
Grand-Barachois Hall
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