History - 1995-2012

The Beaubassin-est Rural Community committee was established in 1995 through a considerable collaboration between several of our citizens. During the 90’s, the CUTEr report, the Commission on Land Use and the Rural Environment, ruled that our rural regions were not equipped to face the challenges of the new millennium. The CUTEr report has therefore recognized "that it is necessary to give the residents of the rural regions the tools they need to play an active role in the planning of their rural environment in order to prepare the future and to assure the effectiveness of the process of long term planning." 

In April 1995, a meeting took place with some candidates who studied the possibility of presenting themselves at the first election of the Beaubassin-est Rural Community. The clerk would then be named and would be accountable to the Minister. The first formed committee in 1995 consisted of the 6 following Wards: Boudreau-Ouest, Barachois, Haute-Aboujagane, Cormier-Village, Saint-André-LeBlanc and Botsford.
Ola Drisdelle will become the first and the only President to date, and Laurie McGraw will become orologi replica svizzeri Vice President of the committee. Seventeen pioneers were elected or named during the eleven years to come. They had embarked in a union which will develop several useful and necessary plans for the region.
Three members of the committee will participate in four mandates: Ola Drisdelle, Roger Léger and Laurie McGraw, who are also three active members since the beginning of the Beaubassin-est Rural Community.

Four members of the committee will participate in two mandates: André Bourque, Patricia LeBlanc, Daniel Mongeau and Alayn Noël.

Ten members of the committee will participate in one mandate: Guy Boudreau, Robert Bourque, Donald Cormier, Gilles Cormier, Louis Cormier, Léo-Paul Doiron, Mary Gaudet, Pierre Landry, Laurie Léger and Omer Léger.
Our municipality, having been regrouped to this new concept in 1995, became a reality on July 31st, 2006 with the amalgamation of nine localities: Boudreau-Ouest, Grand-Barachois (including Robichaud), Haute-Aboujagane, Cormier-Village, Saint-André-LeBlanc, Trois-Ruisseaux, Shemogue, Petit-Cap and Portage. 
The foremost reason of this new initiative, from 1995 to today, is so we could make decisions locally in order to plan the growth of our community and to respond more efficiently to the needs of our local services. This all being based on the collaboration of each of these localities around the same table, where the elected official will have to represent his/her locality with firmness, but without forgetting the needs of the Community. This new concept realized itself under the authority of two provincial governments, thus proving its essential force.


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Beaubassin-est Regular Meeting

October 21, 2019

Beaubassin-est Regular Meeting

November 18, 2019

Mobile Eco-Depot

du 02 au 03 October 2019
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