Ward 5 is Haute-Aboujagane which accounts for approximately 989 people and about 15% of the total population. Mr. Gaétan LeBlanc is the councillor of this Ward. Mr. Jean-Albert Cormier was the councillor of this Ward from 2006 to 2012 and he was the Mayor of the municipality from December 2014 to May 2016. Prior to Mr. Cormier, Mr. Ola Drisdelle represented the community and was president of the Rural Community committee since 1995. Mr. Drisdelle was then Mayor of the Beaubassin-est Rural Community for 6 years. This Ward is known to some as 3 sectors, Haute-Aboujagane, Basse-Aboujagane and Bourgeois Mills, located at the community entry point on Route 933. Several historians say that the name "Aboujagane" was derived from an aboriginal word meaning "a pearl necklace" seeing that the community’s main road goes into a circle. This community has several facilities such as a Golden Age Club, a Hunting and Fishing Club, a beautiful antique style church, a high quality golf course, a lighted sports field, a Caisse Populaire counter, a post office, a convenience store as well as the only fire hall in Beaubassin-est. Furthermore, this Ward is divided by a beautiful valley and has several natural attractions, such as the Aboujagane River, which is frequently used for recreational fishing.


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Monthly Breakfast

November 25, 2018
Grand-Barachois Hall

Mobile Eco-Depot

du 05 au 06 December 2018

Beaubassin-est Regular Meeting

November 19, 2018
1709 Route 133 in Grand-Barachois
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