Planning Commission

The Planning Committee of the Regional Service Commission no 7  provides services pertaining to provisions in rural or municipal plans, to building and development permits, to zoning and to subdivision plans for its planning district. The Planning Committee offers recommendations to the Beaubassin-est Rural Community.

Our citizens can participate in the decision making process by contacting our municipal office or by attending the monthly public meetings for Beaubassin-est or the Regional Service Commission. best replica watches

The Planning Committee of the Regional Service Commission no 7 has an office in Shediac, located at:

815A Bombardier Street
Shediac, NB E4P 1H9
Telephone: (506)533-3637
Fax:               (506)533-3639 

Info on building permits
Building permits are issued by the Planning Committee of the Regional Service Commission no 7 on behalf of the Beaubassin-est Rural Community. The office in Shediac is located at 815A Bombardier Street. You can call (506) 533-3637 for any additional information.
1)      Property plan
Showing details of the building to be constructed in regards to the property limits and other physical elements (Ex: bodies of water, roads, right of way, another building on the property, etc.).  
2)      Construction plan (preferably 2 copies)
Including the following information:
  1. Foundation plan
  2. Floor plan
  3. Building elevation
  4. Cross-section or wall-section with construction details
  5. Truss
  6. Floor joists and manufacturer information (usually Timbertop Truss, Cap-Pelé Sawmill, Saint-Ignace Truss in this region)
3)      Property information
  • PID #
  • Civic address
  • Owner’s name
  • Copy of the deed
For civic #, please contact Public safety at 1-888-353-4444
4)      Approval for other concerned agencies as per project
  • Dept. of Health for septic system (856-2814) or receipt from the Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission for hook up (532-7000 ext. 260)
  • Dept. of Environment (856-2374) if proximity to a body of water
  • Dept of Transportation (856-2000)
  • Beaubassin-est Rural Community for disclaimer regarding private streets
  • Other agencies as needed (Natural Resources, Fire marshal, Public safety, etc.)
Property zoning must permit construction in question and all clauses for the zoning must be respected (unless owner is asking for a variance). A minimum of 48 hours (business days) isnecessary before building permit can be issued once application is properly filled out and all necessary information is received by the Planning Commission.

Charges for services

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