2016-2020 Council committee mandates

The following committees are indebted to the Council of Beaubassin-est:
Committee of Finance and Personnel
  • Prepare and supervise all that is pertaining to the budget swiss replica watches
  • Provide recommendations to Council on all financial and income tax rates
  • Study all contracts, financial engagement or tendering service of Beaubassin-est
  • Select, hire and negotiate all employee work contracts
  • Elaborate and revise on a regular basis the employee handbook
  • Support all other committees with financing of their projects when needed
Committee members: André Bourque, Susan Cormier, Omer Leger, Terry Richard and Mayor Ronnie Duguay
Planning and Public Relations Committee (the Strategic Planning Committee would be ad hoc of this committee)
  • Revise and propose modifications of all Council politicies and By-Laws
  • Evaluate the needs of the community regarding the addition and administration of services and infrastructure
  • Evaluate the needs of the municipal building
  • Supervise and evaluate the strategic plan of Beaubassin-est on a regular basis
  • Elaborate and supervise the economic development plan with the partners
  • Coordinate and supervise communications with the citizens
Committee members: Josée Vautour, President, Michel E. Gaudet and Mayor Ronnie Duguay
Ad Hoc of this committee (members)
Strategic Planning Committee → Susan Cormier, President, Gaétan LeBlanc and Mayor Ronnie Duguay
Committee of Public Safety and Environment
  • Elaborate and supervise the green plan of Beaubassin-est
  • Supervise and support the environmental initiatives and infrastructures
  • Study and propose initiatives that could ensure the security of the community
  • Maintain communication with service and protection agencies for the affected Beaubassin-est territory (RCMP, Vision H2O, etc.)
  • See to the coordination and evaluation of the Emergency Measures plan on a regular basis
Committee members: Terry Richard, President, Gaétan LeBlanc, Omer Leger and Deputy Mayor Susan Cormier, as well as citizens representatives Edgar LeBlanc and Rachelle LeBlanc
Executive Committee of the Haute-Aboujagane Brigade
Committee members: Terry Richard, President, and Mayor Ronnie Duguay + Fire Chief Gaétan LeBlanc and officers Philippe LeBlanc, Serge LeBlanc, Stéphane LeBlanc and Dennis Metcalfe
Community and Cultural Pride Committee
  • Support and coordinate the implementation of programs and activities
  • See to the organization of the consultation forum of organisations in the community
  • Manage the support fund of organisations in the community
  • Evaluate the needs and the location of new recreation installations
  • See to the coordination of the usage and of maintenance of recreation installation
  • See to the development of a feeling of belonging and of community pride and culture in Beaubassin-est
Committee members: Michel E. Gaudet, President, Jean-Charles Dugas, Josée Vautour and Deputy Mayor Susan Cormier, as well as citizens representatives Louise Hartley and Catherine Laratte
Cultural Development Committee
  • Identify development priorities and establish a cultural development action plan
  • Preparing and presenting the committee's recommendations to the municipal council of Beaubassin-est with respect to activities or events to be supported as part of the Cultural Policy
  • Assess cultural project proposals based on municipal cultural planning and submit recommendations to the municipal council concerning the allocation of grants based on budget
  • Do some research and work related to the development of arts, culture and heritage
  • Collaborate in the monitoring process set up to evaluate the implementation of the Cultural Policy
  • Help integrate arts and culture into the overall development of the community
Committee members: Susan Cormier, President, Michel E. Gaudet and Mayor Ronnie Duguay, as well as citizens representatives Marlene Dugas, Natasha Landry, Joanne LeBlanc Skyrie and Diane Richard

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Beaubassin-est Regular Meeting

October 21, 2019

Beaubassin-est Regular Meeting

November 18, 2019

Mobile Eco-Depot

du 02 au 03 October 2019
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